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WS Horizontal Sand Mill

Features of suitable painting: middle low viscosity,dealing capacity、abrasive resistance:2 stars★★

  WS Horizontal Sand Mill is a most prevalent and well-sold machine in the market now.It has a strong power of collision and shearing to narrow the granules of painting to the utmost in a short time and disperse the size of painting evenly.
  The sand mill developed by our factory has features such as lowest noise, no vibration,no leakages and adopting the mechanical sealing of the national patent(Patent No.:ZL00240881.3).In control of the pressure and temperature, the new sensory techniques are adopted completely.The digital display is clear at a glance for the users.And the machine also has the functions of sounding the alarm of breakdowns and displaying grand total working time.

Application area antiseptic industry、epoxy floor level painting、machinery painting、architecture wall painting

Parameter \ Model
WS-5 WS-10 WS-20 WS-30 WS-50
Volume of drum(L) 5 10 20 30 50
Power of main otor(kw) 5.5 15 18.5 22 37
Rotation speed of dispersing axis(r/min) 1400 1320 1280 1150 980
Size of contour(mm) 1000×550×1050 1200×650×1150 1300×680×1150 1400×700×1200 1600×800×1250
Weight(kg) 350 800 900 1090 1240

ZBZM conical great pin bead mill

Features of suitable painting: middle high viscosity dealing capacity、abrasive resistance:4 stars★★★★

Application area Airspay ink、Rubber ink、Gravure ink、Paperboard ink、Plastics ink、Glass ink、Nylon ink、UV ink

Main performance

1,Reasonably structured rotor,high sanding efficiency.

2,Special separation unit to realize stable flow.

3,Ceramic lining,no pollution.

4,Small grinding medium abrasion,low operation cost.

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