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SB-LZM two - cooling vertical bead mill

Features of suitable coating:middle high viscosity, dealing capacity、abrasive resistance : 4 stars★★★★

Main performance

Application area

Charcoal blacking、Leather sizing agent、Adhesive、Offset ink


Mechanical structure

There are two continuous grinding chambers inside.
The grinding medium circulate inside. The rotor grinding cavity is lapping between the stator and the rotor pin to make the medium material produce strong flow.
The stator pin in the inner grinding chamber is an effective medium between the screw and the inner wall pin of the rotor. In the grinding chamber through the spiral slot and the helical blade of the effective separation of grinding medium, protection separator.
The size distribution of the narrow particles. The flow range is large. Small grinding cavity reaches high output. The ideal application of high viscosity material. Small particle size grinding medium is safe to use. It can achieve very fine grinding and dispersing. Excellent cleaning ability, a small amount of solvent cleaning to maintain the minimum residual amount.
The manual lifting system is adopted for the grinding cylinder and it is very convenient to disassemble and clean. The main engine uses variable frequency speed regulation to achieve soft start, and users can choose corresponding speed for different materials, so as to achieve double effect of energy saving and good grinding effect.
The key technology of the equipment is the use of high density hard steel in the grinding cylinder, which solves the pollution of the traditional sand mill to the material.
Advanced cooling system (special thermosensitive products).
High repetition rate and narrow particle size distribution.
The energy consumption is less, and the centrifugal force grinding medium can be separated from the product.

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