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NCB gear pump

RB series cervical arc gear pump

RB series cervical arc gear pump is a liquid pump with advanced structure and good performance.It has many advantages such as small volume, high capacity,low noise,good sealing,longlife.It is widely used in light industry,chemical,pharmacy,food and other industries.Especially suitable to transport high viscosity fluid.。
Main technical parameters of laboratorial machine
Parameter \ Model cervical Arc pump
cervical Arc pump
Scraper pump
cervical Arc pump
FLOW L/min 3~15 4~15 ≤40 ≤60
PRESSURE Mpa 0.5 0.5 0.1 0.1
SPEED r/min 5~500 5~500 ≤480 ≤500
POWER kg 0.75 1.1 1.5 1.5
WEIGHT kg 15 42 60 72

Pneumatic diaphragm pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pump adopts air compressor air as the power source and it can exhaust kinds of corrosive liquid , the liquid with particles, high viscosity volatile, flammable and toxic liquid. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric ceramics, textiles,paints, pharmaceuticals mechanical systems.
Main technical parameters of laboratorial machine
Parameter \ Model SA15 SA25 SA40 SA50 SA80
Caliber 0.5/½ 1 1.5/1½ 2 3
Max.flow (L) 56 170 340 511 988
Max.pressure of work 8.6
Straight YangCheng absorption (m) Dry4.8wet7.6 Dry2.5wet5.5 Dry3.5wet7.3 Dry3.5wet7.3 Dry5wet7.5
The biggest particles diameter (mm) 3 6 9
According to the structure of liquid materials Aluminum iron 316stainless steel Hamiltonian alloy
Diaphragm materials Neoprene, Butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber,Chlorine dragon,Cliff rubber, Elastomer mixture,Chloride rubber,Polyether elastor

Pneumatic pumps material code

AA Alumimum CI Iron SS staimless
Hs Hart alloy PP Polypropylene KY Polyvinylidene chloride
AC acetal BN butadiene rubber NE chloroprene rubber
SP elastomer mixture T/N chloroprene / chloroprene rubber VT chlorinated rubber
PU polyether elastomer Poly PCE  
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