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Stainless steel drum hold-up vessel

Stainless steel mobile cylinder(polishing)

Discharging duckbill valve

DN25/1 DN50/2
DN40/1½ DN100/4


COT cask pouring trolley

CTY hydraulic pressure rising trolley
No standard lengthen and widen 2000

CTY hydraulic pressure trolley

Sealing clamp
(200 liters of big/small 18 liters 10 liters)

Manual operation cap-tightener

Pneumatic cap-tightener

Manual shear type elevated hydraulic truck

50gallon oil barrel heater

Oil barrel heater (20L) 5 gallons

Portable pneumatic mixer

STJ Hand-held

Pneumatic diaphragm pump

Agent brand:Canada/Skylink、Germany/VERDER U.S.A/SAND PIPER U.S.A/ARO U.S.A/GRACO

COT drum dumper (50 gallon drums)

Manual hydraulic electronic scale oil bucket dump

COT mobile cylinder dumper (non-standard)

COT drum dumper (plastic barrels)

DS77Composed of explosion-proof single head plate head

DS78Explosion proof double headed staves head

DS79Explosion-proof multipurpose open barrel wrench

DS79AExplosion-proof multipurpose open barrel wrench

High viscosity medium pneumatic pump

Closed pressure pump

Electric pumping pump

Pneumatic high viscosity bucket pump

Movable electric mixer

Movable pneumatic stirrer

Pneumatic pump flow regulator
Aerodynamic characteristics:
● Anti-explosion
● Environmental protection
● Energy conservation
● Safety
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