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Jiangyin Xiongwei Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd.(Jiangyin HongDa Machinery Factory) is located in the Qingyang industrial zone.Qingyang is a town of Jiangying Jiangsu China.It lies to the north of the Wuxi City and to the south of the Jiangyin City.The area has transport facilities with expressways,railways and also the water routes in the Lake Taihu and the Yangtze River.

With the supports of the scientific research institutions and universities and under the directions of the authoritative specialists,the factory can design,develop,test and produce the products of every kind for the consumers.The products are suitable mainly for the paint,printing ink,emulsion paint,dyestuff,paper,pesticide and adhesive industries to mix,stir,disperse and grind their products in order to come up to the request of the corpuscular theory.

In pace with the fast developments of the new advanced techonlogy and the market economy,the factory will further increase the investment in the scientific research adn technical innovaton in order to develop the new products,expand the prodnction of high quality products and provide a set of complete series of the chemical machinery constantly.

For years,the factory provided many products of first-rate to the enterprises throughout the country and exported products to the customers abroad.All the products are well received by the consumers.Adhering to the principles of building the factory with science and technology,regarding the quality as the foudation of an enterprise,serving the consumers sincerely and creditably and repaying the society with all our heatr,we are willing to cooperate with the consumers at home and abroad to go forward hand in hand and create a glorious future.

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